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Gastroparesis: The Inside Story

We have teamed up with Western Sydney University to launch the Gastroparesis Inside Story: Support Group on Facebook. The group is a safe environment for patients and supporters to voice their day-to-day experiences. The physical restriction placed upon gastroparesis patients often make many feel isolated, this group allow patients and supports nationwide to connect.

Gastroparesis Australia Group

A Facebook group ran by Gastroparesis founder Anneliese. This page is created for gastroparesis sufferers, carers and general information for Australians.

Gut Motility Unit at Western Sydney University

The Gut Motility Unit is based in Western Sydney University. The group is a gastrointestinal motility research group investigating into the management and treatment of gastroparesis and other motility disorders. They are also linked with South West Sydney Health District and offer motility diagnosis services.

Gastroparesis Clinic eTherapy is an Swinburne University initiative based in Melbourne. It offers free online online 5-week evidence-based psychologically focused optimal health and resilience program to help individuals living with Gastroparesis. The intervention is based on a transdiagnostic psychological program that was developed with individuals with Gastroparesis and the research conducted by Dr Simon Knowles.

Gastroparesis Launceston

A gastroparesis awareness and support group based in Tasmania. The group is run by Temira, who helps run fundraisers with Dennis towards Rotary Devonport for gastroparesis research.

Gastroparesis: Flight like an Aussie

This group was initially started with the intention of creating a friendly place for Australians suffering from Gastroparesis to come for help, advice and support. As this group has grown it’s become clear we need to open up this group to our international GP friends and family who also need the support this group offered.