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23 August 2023

GP warrior Amelia Brindas is organising a fundraiser for gastroparesis research đź’šđź’š
The Fundraiser is an in-person event occurring on the 21st of October at 6:00 pm. There will be delicious food🥂, a trivia event ( with awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places), There will be surprise guest speakers, and this will all be in support of raising awareness and funds for Gastroparesis and, of course, raising funds for the GI Motility Unit.
If you would like to support:
Link for tickets page to fundraiser:…/gastroparesis…
Link for GoFundMe:

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04 August 2023

August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month! GP Warrior Kathryn Lean is raising funds to support gastroparesis research through every sale of her art works.

$5 from from each sale of my art and accessories will go towards Gastroparesis Australia and the GI Motility Team at Western Sydney University. I hope to raise some funds and awareness for the research team to continue their vital work! – Kathryn

Check out the range at 

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25 July 2023

Thanks so much for everyone’s help so far with our survey! I am reposting one last time as we need more MALES to complete this survey, to ensure that their views can be studied as well.

Participation is easy and completely anonymous. Simply complete a 15-20 minute online survey that includes questions about your demographics, symptoms, and mental health. Your valuable input will help researchers better understand and manage chronic gastroduodenal symptoms, including gastroparesis.

Access the survey now at this link:

Together, we can work towards improving the lives of those suffering from chronic gastroduodenal symptoms. Thank you for your support!


21 October 2022

Simone Downie has ended 2022 with a BANG!! Organising Gastroparesis Australia’s biggest fundraising event ever at the Rowville cricket club in Victoria. The dinner and live auction had a star studded line up featuring former Collingwood player and coach, Nathan Buckley, 3AW Bruce Eva MCed, comedian Des Dowling, and former boxer Barry Michael. Simone’s family and friend all contributed their time and support to the event, with the majority of venue, catering and printing costs donated by the community.

Simone’s journey not only resonated with everyone there but was tweeted by radio host, Bruce Eva, and Rowville MP, Kim Wells, to spread awareness across their audience and constituent.

Donations leading up to and during the event are now close to $20,000, with more still coming in! 100% of these will go towards gastroparesis research – finding innovations in gastroparesis diagnostics, treatment, and ultimately a cure!

From everyone at Gastroparesis Australia we like to say “Thank You, Simone and your wonderful family & friends – for all your hard work and perseverance, and the spectacular outcome!” Simone’s only wish was to have other gastroparesis sufferers and their families there. We hope to get the research team together and join her and other GPers around Australia at next year’s fundraiser!

If you would like to donate please follow the link below


21 March 2022

“I want to get better so my 4 year old daughter Daisy & I can finally share our first meal together.”

Andrew and daughter Daisy. Marathon runner Karen, Andrew’s aunt, fundraising for gastroparesis. (supplied) 

My name is Andrew and I am in a never ending battle with Gastroparesis (paralysed stomach). Coming up to 15 months since my diagnosis of gastroparesis in 2021 There are days where I want to break down & cry from the constant pain & nausea, but I try to make it through the day the best I can.
Living on an all liquid diet every day I eat to survive the day and week ahead and combat the nausea/bloating, only eating a few soft foods on a rare good day means that I no longer eat for enjoyment. You are wasting away and can’t do anything about it. I had eaten for 33 years and one day I couldn’t anymore without feeling like I was poisoned. When I am alone I don’t think about my next craving or look forward to it. I get enjoyment from other things in life. I’m a performer, when I sing I can’t even drink a glass of water. Maybe one day I can return to a form of “normal” and eat like everyone else again.
Gastroparesis is very unknown & often hard to diagnose. Treatments are lacking & we who don’t know why we have it. This makes it hard to treat. The medical field is progressing, hopefully it means something down the road.

My name is Karen (59 yrs young), I’m Andrew’s aunt & am running a half marathon (21.1km) on the Gold Coast, QLD on 2nd July 2022 to raise awareness/funds for research for Gastroparesis Australia.

If you like to support Karen you can make a tax deducible donation at and select GI Motility Research Fund and comment “Karen’s Half Marathon”


14 February 2021

A big Thankyou to all the Corporate sponsors and individual sponsors that purchased Teddy Bears this year for the Rotary Club Devonport teddy bear drop.T he money raised will give us almost enough to continue the current research. We are thrilled to advise that the winning Corporate Bear was Pro Scaff Tasmania one of our longtime supporters. In 2 weeks time Youngtown Rotary and Gastroparesis Launceston will be doing a sheep manure run and it will be available in our usual spots. In the short term I am back on the manure run again so if you need some let me know.

NEW South wales

08 October 2020

Doctorate candidate Harsha Suresh, at Western Sydney University, is  investigating fibre diets suitable for gastroparesis sufferes. He has published her research in the journal Nutrients. Harsha is another young researcher supported by the Rotary Health Australia/Rotary Club Devonport Gastroparesis Scholarship and donations from this community! His work will help develop a healthier diet that incorporates low viscosity fibres to improve diets of gastroparesis sufferers. 

NEW South wales

18 June 2020

Daphne Foong, doctorate candidate at Western Sydney University, is  working on understanding pace-maker cells in the stomach. She has published her research in the prestigious International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Daphne’s PhD is funded through the Rotary Health Australia/Rotary Club Devonport Gastroparesis Scholarship and the generous donations made by this community! Her works leads to a better understanding of these cells, often found to be absent and reduced in gastroparesis, and a step closer to regenerative therapy for gastroparesis.

NEW South wales

4 September 2019

PhD candidate Daphne conquered her fear of heights and abseiled down 10 stories to raise funds for gastroparesis research through WSU’s Giving Day. Brilliant performance Daphne, you are a true Gastroparesis Warrior! Daphne raised over $5,000 and got a great view of Sydney 🙂

NEW South wales

14 August 2019

As part of Sharna Webb’s honours project, Slow and Steady was created. An initiative promoting creative activities within the Gastroparesis communities in order to reduce psycho-social stressors. The Slow and Steady project has released a range of products supporting this campaign in order to raise funds for Gastroparesis awareness and research. All profits that are made from the designed range will be donated directly to the GI Motility Research Fund at Western Sydney University.
The products feature the Slow and Steady logo, which is minimalistic and versatile, making it suitable for anyone to wear. The logo’s design was inspired by the scans of a Gastric Emptying Study which is a tool used to diagnose Gastroparesis, (as I am sure we are all far too familiar with). If you would like to support this cause and donate to the GI Motility Research Fund at Western Sydney University you can do so by purchasing one of these products at


31 August 2019

Hi, my name is Evie and I recently held a Gastroparesis Awareness Party and Fundraiser. I live in Perth and have had gastroparesis for 2 years. I’ve trialed various medications and the gastric pacemaker, which weren’t effective for me. I have been managing things mainly with a nasojejunal tube since the start of 2019.

I had the event with my family and friends, where I shared information about gastroparesis and the effect it has on people. We raised money through games, auction prizes and plant sales. Everyone had a great time while learning lots. In total we’ve raised over $2,000 towards research.

Even though living with gastroparesis is a difficult journey, I remain positive with the amazing support of people around me. I’m determined to not let this condition control me and have hope for the future! Research and awareness is really important.


4 May 2019

Hi everyone, my name is Sharna Webb, I created a collaborative project with the help from other Gastroparesis patients, creating awareness and raising funds toward Gastroparesis. If you would like to check out this project and would like to see the work of some amazing GP patients, this project will be on exhibition at A&D Annual at the UNSW Galleries from the 4-14 of December 10am -5pm. The opening night will take place on the 3 of December 5-9pm.
Once again I would like to thank all of the contributors to this work. Your talent has helped to shape this project and make this all possible.


11 March 2019

Dennis Turner and Gastroparesis Launceston, with the help of the Youngtown Rotary Club are shovelings for a cure! They are selling manure today to raise funding for research $5.00 bag at Devon Hill Market.


11 February 2019

GPers we made the front page! Top story right now and getting lots of readers. Recently, few of us have been working with Channel 9 senior reporter Sarah Swain to really push gastroparesis to a national audience! Thanks to Sarah for championing our cause and thanks to Dennis, Jacinda, and Emily for sharing their stories. What started out as just a handful of patients and a Facebook group has really took off over the years. Hopefully with this comes more awareness, better diagnosis/treatment, and research. And thank you all for supporting Gastroparesis Australia!

Click HERE to read.


09 January 2019

Tasmanian Street Stock Car driver Rodney Bassett and his motorsport team are getting on board with supporting Gastroparesis! Bassett is top 10 in Australia and will be racing in Queensland, Sydney, and Victoria over the next 3 weeks. His team has proudly printed the Gastroparesis Australia logo onto their towable trailer and will be spreading awareness during his travels. We wish him all the luck and to bring home the championship!


12 December 2018

My name is Simone Downie and I am 46 years old. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2005. I decided to embark on a Gastroparesis fundraiser after feeling annoyed that our condition doesn’t get the recognition and fundraising it deserves compared to other illnesses. I was spurred on my by husband and two beautiful daughters who have been an amazing support to me on this journey of Gastroparesis.

To date I have raised just over $8,000 which has been contributed to WSU GI Motility Research Team. I am really pleased with the result and have been spurred on to do more fundraising in the future and encourage anyone who is well enough to take up the challenge as well.

New South Wales

30 August 2018

Our very own gastroparesis warriors Ashley Allum and Emily Pickett were invited speakers at the 2018 Australia Symposium on Gastroparesis. They presented to an audience of over 150 dietitians, nurses, general practitioners, gastroenterologists, and surgeons. They gave a personal account of their journeys and promoted awareness of Gastroparesis Australia in the health community.


9 August 2018

Gastroparesis Launceston are selling Gastroparesis biros and fundraising chocolates as well as Gastroparesis wrist bands in the Launceston area to raise funds for Research. All money raised will be forwarded to Devonport Rotary who then pass on to Western Sydney University.


26 July 2018

Gastroparesis Launceston has a Futsal team out spreading the word every weekend. They have Gastroparesis tee shirts which tread the boards and give a little more exposure to a previously secret illness but it is not a secret anymore. Spread the word by whatever means you can.


26 July 2018

This is a part of the hardworking army in Launceston trying to give Gastroparesis the recognition that it deserves.This small team has united many wonderful individuals in the Launceston area who have donated time,goods and most importantly money to further advance our ultimate goal a cure for Gastroparesis.

We have a Facebook page to visit Gastroparesis Launceston which gives you an insight into what work has been done with Fundraisers to raise money for Research.


25 July 2018 

The little cardboard boat used in the recent Soggy Bottom boat Festival in conjunction with the Youngtown Rotary Club where $2,500 was raised for Gastroparesis Research.

The boat was a looker and floated which kept all the kids entertained but sadly did not stay upright when 2 adults were aboard.


23 July 2018

Gastroparesis Launceston has Emailed our Federal Minister for Bass Ross Hart requesting he tables the fight for Gastroparesis Research on the floor of Federal Parliament again. We reinforced the urgency of funding required for the completion of the third project with Western Sydney University and urged him to focus his energy on Greg Hunt as he seems to be able to find funding for other illnesses, and give us a reason why Gastroparesis is not included on their radar.


21 July 2018

Another load of Garden mulch on its way for delivery! Dennis and team in Tasmania have been selling mulch and gardening manure for 3 years, with over 1,800 bags sold and raising over $9,000 for research! They also sell firewood, pens, wrist bands and snacks with the help of their community, raising more than $3,000 more for the cause. This is difficult work but its just a glimpse into what the community army is doing down here on the big Island Tasmania for Gastroparesis Research.


20 July 2018

The Federal Government have just committed 1 million dollars to another life threatening illness. All sufferers and supporters out there are urged to lobby your Federal Members for your State and make them aware that Gastroparesis Research needs awareness and more importantly funding to continue the research at Western Sydney University. Gastroparesis needs recognition! This project needs to continue so we can help the individuals that are stricken with this diabolical illness.


14 June 2018

Dennis, a long time gastroparesis advocate and father to gastroparesis sufferer Jacinda, has teamed up with Rotary Devonport, Youngtown Rotary and Gastroparesis Launceston to raise more than $10,000 for research. His group has also gained support from Tasmania state Treasurer Peter Gutwein in the form of $20,000 to the cause. Now their group has now set their sights on challenging the Federal Government to match dollar-for-dollar money raised for gastroparesis. Dennis has penned a letter to Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, explaining the condition, the progress the team in Tasmania has achieved, but more importantly the urgent help need for support of gastroparesis patients.

We wish our Tasmanian Gastroparesis Warriors the best of luck and hope for a positive responds from the government.

Read letter to the Prime Minister


1 May 2018

Today Lea, a proud gastroparesis advocate for her daughter and other sufferers, met with the NSW Minister for Health and Health Research, The Hon. Brad Hazzard. In attendance was Lea, the Health Minister, a secretary from his office, her local Campbelltown MP and a Doctor from the Emergency Department at Westmead Children’s, who was there to represent the Department of Clinical Innovations.

She presented 38 patient impact statements to the minister during their meeting. She explained the need for adequate staffing a Centre of Excellence for Motility Disorders in NSW and to reduce patient misdiagnosis.

The minister was impressed with the current plans to address these issues and promises that he would personally look into the issues.


27 June 2018

Big congratulations to our Tasmanian gastroparesis advocate, Dennis Turner, for his stunning fundraiser event at the Evandale Football Club.

Coached by Chris Franklin the Legends of Evandale Football Club and Former AFL Superstar Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt played footy on the weekend for a good cause – raising money and awareness for Gastroparesis. Evandale players don all-green guernseys against Lilydale in an effort to raise funds for gastroparesis research.

With help from Gastroparesis Launceston, local businesses and proud individuals, more than $2,000 were raised and donated to Devonport Rotary’s gastroparesis research initiative.